Thursday, 19 May 2016

Tomoe Wallpaper - Requested by Shira Chance

Sorry for such a looooooong delay but I haven't checked by blog for ages. Now I'm back. I hope you like it ^_^

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Order your Graphic!

Welcome to the blog which was mainly designed to create mostly simple graphic from internet images. Some people don't have skill and software to create graphics so here they can gain help. I also want to improve my editing skills so please don't hate if my graphics aren't from your dreams. If you don't use it it's ok :)

What are you specifically doing?

Icons, banners, pictures or any other type of graphic which are used on internet. Even though it says 'Anime', I also accept other things like movies, actors, singers, cartoons and manga. I can also colour manga panels.

Can you make me one?

Yes! Just type what you are looking for in the comment section in this blog or on the contact from on the side bar. After I finished doing your graphic I will make a post and you can save it.

So I will know what I'm suppose to do please write your order in this form:
Type: Icon / Banner / Other (specify)
Size: ?????
Colour(s): what colour will be mostly used
Character(s): who will be on the graphic
Show: if you prefer a specific anime / manga / movie / cartoon
Any Text?: ???????
Any preferable images?: [Link to images]
Mood: cute / creepy / other (specify)
Other requirements: ????????

Your information will affect what I make. It may take few days to make one but it all depends on how much time I have.

Other Information:

That's the first time I do orders for people so I try to domy best. Please don't be harsh on me >_<! Additionally I can colour manga so if you want some coloured please send me image!